We're Sandsiv .ai

We love to flirt with robots

Why was the robot mad?

People kept pushing its buttons.

SANDSIV AI is a team specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. We design, train and deploy machine learning algorithms, applications and data assets. We're the makers of VOC HUB, the leading Voice of the Customer platform for advanced NLP and Customer Experience Management.


Meet Our Robots


Smart Data

At Sandsiv we don't care about Big or Small Data. The volume is not the issue, our focus is looking for data providing actionable insights. They can come from a small MySQL table or from big NoSql solution. We look around for SMART DATA.


Get in Touch with us for Data Acquisition, Data Transformation, enabling Decision Science framework through interactive Data Visualization. Talk to our Decision Scientist for a Data Science Assessment for your Industry.

Data Science

Unlock the real value of your data with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI. Deploy your Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models on Docker and Cloud Services.

Data Visualization

Improvise your business by seeing your business data in a stunningly visual analysis using our data visualization expertise. We create meaningful data visualizations and infographics.

We Love Robots

It takes us an algorithm to remember a robot

Hello Tensorflow!

A neural network play ground


The new NLP kid on the block!

We love one snake!

And its name is Python


No words, we read vectors!

Do robots have brothers?

Absolutely not, just tran-sisters

Take all your reasons and take them away. To the middle of nowhere, and on your way home. ÔÇťArtificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine that would understand everything on the web." We create robots in a way they understand exactly what you wanted, and they would provide you the desired thing. We're working hard on that now.

That's how we like it, and that's all we want.



Roy Batty

AI Visionary


Head of beam me up


Do you care if I stay?